Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cheap Ass Lighting Set for Beginners/Home Studio

I was recently asked a budding cinemaphile about cheap light kits that I could recommend, and it reminded me of this video I shot a while ago. This kit is super cheap (around $90), comes with three stands, three 4-CFL heads and three softboxes.

These cheap kits get a lot of bad press because people say the softboxes are hard to setup on them. However, I totally didn't find this to be the case. The softboxes on this kit were perfectly simply to put on after doing it once and figuring them out. The trick: be smarter than the inanimate object.

The CRI on the bulbs that come with it isn't that great, but you could definitely do better. The great thing about the heads is that they are way better quality than you might expect from such a cheap set. Heavy-duty plastic housing over ceramic sockets.

I am in the process of going all LED and this set was just some cheap little extra thing I got for home use (not really client-ready). However, for $90 this is a GREAT set for people who want to get moving on making something. For indie cinematographers,  finding affordable lighting solutions can be tough sometimes. So tough that a lot of people just give up on using lights and end up using whatever lamps happen to be in a room. This sucks. 

I guess this post isn't for the old-guard shooters out there as much as it's for the newbies who want to get started. This kit can be great, but it has limitations. In either case, it's a great learning kit for people to practice with.

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