Friday, May 30, 2014

Hot Damn!


It appears that I have been neglecting the living shit out of this blog. I'm writing this not because anyone will read it (except for maybe one OCD guy a year from now who can't visit a blog without reading every page). But because it's going to motivate me to post here more.

The truth is that I've just been too busy for you, Internet. But now I'm not. So there you go.

I'll be posting some more videos about various things (even a video about using foreground interest in shots), so look out for those.

As a reminder, this is a blog about filmmaking in general, but also one where I'll make tutorials and post tutorials done by others regarding some important filmmaking techniques and how to pull them off. I have a bank of very knowledgeable filmmaking friends who post awesome stuff on YouTube and Vimeo, so I'm excited to share their expertise with you.

In the end, this is all for fun. Now go off and click one of my affiliate links and buy something expensive.

--- Jared

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